Hello! Welcome to Out of the ‘bue blog

Adventures, misadventures, and everyday inspiration out of the ‘bue

On the onset of 2016, the Out of the ‘bue Blog was created to document and share experiences out of the ‘bue—the ‘bue being Kotzebue. I strive every day to show others that you are not only valuable as an individual but that you can do anything you want to in this wonderful, unpredictable, and short life.

This blog will revolve around some main themes: Iñupiat Ilitqusiat, Trekking around Alaska, Everyday Health & Wellness, Professional Tips & Tricks, and Stories of living and growing up in Alaska.

Halauġikpiñ atira Aagnauruq

Hello my name is Rebekah! Aagnauruq is my Inupiaq name given to me by my late mother, it means Little Woman. I was born and raised in a small town 33 miles above the Arctic Circle: Kotzebue, Alaska. A decade ago I graduated High School I went out of the ‘bue and off to explore the world, and myself. I am a girl of the tundra, salt water ocean, and rocky beaches; out of the ’bue capturing stories from my everyday extraordinary life in Alaska.

My Life Mission Statement

To laugh often and much; to leave the world a better place; to be a positive influence to those around me; to never stop learning, growing, loving, and exploring.

Things I know for sure:

  • I believe that you deserve happiness, love, and respect. I strive every day to show you that you can do anything you want to in this wonderful, crazy, and short life.
  • I believe that everything happens for a reason, and God knows the intricate web of life and invisible and visible connections between everything.
  • I believe in exercise and surrounding yourself with Mother Nature.
  • I believe that you get out of life what you put in, especially with your body and what you eat.

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