Iñupiat Ilitqusiat

Iñupiat – the real people.

Ilitqusiat – that which makes us who we are.

The Iñupiat Ilitqusiat are my values which I strive to incorporate in my everyday life.

Every Iñupiaq person is responsible to all other Iñupiat for the survival of our cultural spirit and the values and traditions through which it survives. Through our extended family, we retain, teach and live our Iñupiaq way of life. With guidance and support from our Elders, we teach our children our Iñupiat Ilitqusiat values. Our understanding of the universe and our place in it is a belief in God and a respect for all of His creation.

  • Knowledge of Family Tree
  • Love of Children
  • Avoid Conflict
  • Knowledge of Language
  • Cooperation
  • Family Roles
  • Sharing
  • Hard Work
  • Humor
  • Humility
  • Respect for Elders
  • Spirituality
  • Respect for Others
  • Respect for Nature
  • Domestic Skills
  • Responsibility to Tribe
  • Hunter Success

I’ve had a hard time figuring out how to create the framework in which I would like to create this blog until recently the NANA At-Large Board of Directors Seat has opened up for the NANA Shareholders to vote for the next representative. I’ve seen a lot of people who have just come out of the woodwork with a site they have created in hopes to describe who they are and what they stand for. That gave me an idea to create this framework with my blog, to take my Inupiaq Illitqusait which I base my life from and use it to tell my story.




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