My Bullet Journal & Passion Planner Setup for 2017

Hi friends!

I was asked by a friend the other day about my planning system, knowing I have tried the Bullet Journal system and to our surprise we found that we both also have the Passion Planner as well.

I love the Passion Planner as a journal of what I have been doing throughout the day, using the times on each day to write what I actually did with my time and to assess each week if what I do helps me accomplish my future goals.

I also love the flexibility of the Bullet Journal, using a notebook for every day tasks and shorter term goals.

Bullet Journal Setup for 2017

  1. Mission Statement
  2. 2017 Year Overview
  3. Monthly Overview
  4. Routine Tasks
  5. Bucket List
  6. Sunday Spread
  7. Weekly Spread
  8. Daily Spread

My Personal Mission Statement


2017 Year Overview


Monthly Breakdown/ Overview


Routine Tasks Spread

The Bucket List page has been left blank, I haven’t added anything to it just yet since I set up my Bullet Journal and found that I was in love with my Passion Planner that I used the year before.

I don’t like wasting space, and taking too much time to make a spread in my Bullet Journal; so I bought the large Passion planner for 2017.

Passion Planner Set Up for 2017


Habit Tracker spread in my Passion Planner

I added the Habit Tracker into the back of my Passion Planner, including Daily tasks, Weekly Tasks, and my 2017 Savings Goals.



My Ideal Week Spread in my Passion Planner


2017 Color Coded Passion Planner

I laid out my Ideal Week in my  Passion Planner spread and color coded it:

Light Blue= Work

Dark Blue= Driving to/from Work

Pink= Personal: Miracle Morning and Workout Classes

Red= Walking the Dog

Orange= Food

Green= Outdoor Adventures

Meal Planning


Meal Planning in my Bullet Journal

I love my Sunday Spread for Meal Planning and getting set up for the work week!

I took the idea from Kara with Boho Berry with her meal planning: you put Meal Ideas instead of trying to assign each meal for every day, because life happens.

I then track what I eat on the right page of the Sunday Spread.

My Sunday Spread also has space for my weekly focus, Goals and Action Steps, Work Week Overview, Wardrobe planning, and Forecast.

Gratitude Log

I’ve done several versions of a Gratitude log, and believe that it is important to take stock of what you are thankful for every day.

I’ve added three notes in my Bullet Journal Daily Pages for my Gratitude Log, and have used my Passion Planner Monthly Overview for my Gratitude Log; I think that for 2017 I will be using my Passion Planner for my Gratitude log. 🙂

Supplies for Bullet Journal

  1. Finding the Perfect Notebook

I’ve tried different types of notebooks for the BuJo: Moleskin squares Cashiers Notebook, Moleskin Dot Grid, and Leuchtturm1917 dot grid, and love Leuchtturm1971!

There are a lot of blogs that discuss in detail more of the comparisons between different notebooks, like Boho Berry’s review here.

2. Finding the perfect writing utensil

I am in love with my Micron Pen in a 03 thickness, it is thin enough to write like a pen with quick absorption of a marker.

You can find many bloggers reviews on different supplies, like Tiny Ray of Sunshine’s blog here.

Some Bullet Journal “Hacks”


1. Use Tabs

In my opinion using Tabs to find your place is much easier than using the amazingly beautiful ribbons that are in each Leuchtturm1971 notebook. The ribbons are beautiful, but the tabs are a quick way to find your page in your Bullet Journal.

2. The Perfect Pen Holder is a Paperclip!

Hold the phone people, I’ve seen a lot of resources online for creating a pen holder, or ordering one etc, and the easiest way for adding a pen to your Bullet Journal is using a paperclip!

Bullet Journal Resources

I love looking on Instagram for Bullet Journal Layouts, some of my favorite include:

Journal Inspiration

Minimalist Bullet Journals

Boho Berry

Tiny Ray of Sunshine


What does your planner setup look like for 2017?

Thank you for reading this, I hope it was helpful!




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